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Towards a Brighter Tomorrow


Dr. Gerard O’Neill invented the concept of space habitats for earth’s population growth. He realized that racism, genism, and other self-destructive human behaviors were often the result of expansionist ambitions on a limited planet. He also realized that the earth could not ecologically support continued population growth.

But he felt that government limits on procreation would create pressures in favor of genist decision-making. Dr. O’Neill solved this dilemma with space habitats that were large enough for billions of people when replicated many times. This way there would be no socio-economic justifications for racism and genism.

The O’Neill Space Settlements would be earth-like inside. There would be clouds, running water and green trees. Dr. O’Neill proved that space habitats could be built with 1980s technology using just 1-2% of the U.S. government’s budget. Dr. O’Neill gave the human species a practical technology solution to ensure an optimistic future.

Dr. O’Neill showed us that an infinite cosmos ensured that humans didn’t have to fight for living space. Dr. O’Neill also proved that more advanced species in the universe did not fight for space either. Otherwise, he logically deduced, they would have found and destroyed us by now. Dr. O’Neill logically deduced that the universe was not genist.

One of Dr. O’Neill’s last acts was to create a satellite system called “Geostar” to help pay for space settlement. After he created Geostar, he donated 90% of its stock to the Space Studies Institute to fund the settlement of space by all peoples.

The Geostar Satellite System was the world’s first technology to allow handheld devices to communicate via satellite. Dr. O’Neill envisioned helping the whole world communicate better to solve problems and save lives.

Thanks to Dr. O’Neill’s Geostar initiative, the entire world is covered by a satellite phone system today. Thanks to Dr. O’Neill’s creative vision, space settlements will be part of a brighter tomorrow.

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