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Walls of Racism

Below are comments made by people regarding racism. Please “add a brick” to the wall by posting your own comment.

168 Responses to “Walls of Racism”

  • Michelle:

    our worst enemy is stupidity

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  • ms caramel:

    interracial relationships
    Why wont people let there children enter interraical relationships

  • valentine:

    There is nothing more incomprehensible than racism. It is merely ignorance that stems from fear. People are not born bigots, they are TAUGHT to be hateful. More parents should encourage their children to seek out people of other cultures. As someone of Black American, American Indian and Irish heritage, I applaud the World Against Racism Foundation. Hopefully, more people––including those who were taught to dislike people whose skin color isn’t identical to their own––will view this site and educate themselves. I am friends with people in France, and together we are always learning. Indeed, we as people are INDIVIDUALS, not races or colors.

  • anonymous:

    different type of skin, but same blood color
    everybody has different skin tone but all of us have the same color of blood, all of us have bones and muscles so why there is racism? racism should be stopped!!! because it can harm someone emotionally.

  • simphiwe k:

    into yo calu-calulo ngokobuhlanga yenziwa ngabom kwaye abo babeyiqalile ikwangabo abazakuyiphelisa…xa ucalula lonto ibonisa ukuba awuzazi kwaye awuzikhathalelanga….

  • Mexican:

    we do everything
    I think America is a prejudice country because why do they use mexicans to do the jobs that pathetic lazy Americans will not do and keep them from having the rights and freedom that this country is founded on. Mexican are part of this country if Americans like it or not. There will always be eligal mexicans in this country just as long as there is lazy and self-centered stinge americans who want to use Mexican as cheap labor.

  • Trish:

    I am Mexican but my boyfriend is black when we are out together people give us funny looks. even though i think it is wrong I can understand why africans and mexicans look at us but why do white people. why do white people think it is wrong for me to be with a African American and want me with a white person when I am mexican but not white. It is evident that some races are more prejudice to a paticular race it is very wrong to be races.

  • patricia:

    dumb people
    people should not concentrate on color but concentrate on important qualities that makes a person unique.

  • xxx:

    all people=one creator
    all people come from one existance

  • Jeflyn:

    Who are you to discriminate Asians?
    Asians are one of those people who apreciates their culture and respect their customs. Look around you aren’t their a lot of succesful Asians? They have achieved the success because they are industrious, creative and patient. They see success after every hardship. Watch the news and read a lot, so you’ll be aware of what Asians has done in contributing something for the world to be a better place to live at.

  • Rebecca:

    If you are racist your a coward…

  • chelle:

    race aint nothin but your skin color
    im in love with a boy out side my color my parents think it is wrong they will not even let me talk 2 the boy i think that is so stupied it is my life why cant they be happy 4 me?

  • anonymous:

    black pus***
    i like so like other races like black women …hey black pussy

  • Mrs.S.:

    Hamilton Against Racism
    I think this exhibition is a great, hopefully people will learn a lot about issues which face them every day

  • amanda:

    racism: a horror to live with…& we dont have 2!
    i’m eight different nationalities, and i don’t know why anyone could be racist because of the way someone looks! i dont get it at all. we are all people trying to live our lives, and what does it matter to anyone where we come from or what is in our background?! im proud to be multi-cultural. and i know that racism is not only wrong, it is irrelevent to life. God made all of us in his own image, so how can people dislike you, or judge you for looking different.
    the chinese, filipino, hawaiian, portugese, italian, scottish, english, yugoslavian, AMERICAN.

  • Tracy:

    genetically there is one race: the human race
    Racism is seemingly in every culture on the planet… how does one end it? memorials, marches, and education ABOUT racism is great, but does it end it? where are some CONCRETE ways for each person to do their part to end racism? SPACE?? you’ve got to be kidding me. that’s the best we’ve got? i hope not…

  • anonymous:

    i think racism is good
    i hate BLACK people ……………..

  • Kat-Eyez:

    Racism is gone!……………….NOT!!!
    Racism was a disgrace, humiliation, and dreadful and it still is as of today, 2005.

  • George:

    I recently had a conversation with a client who has two elderly parents in North Central Arkansas. He told me that

  • jennifer:

    i think all racism is wrong
    i thin that people shouldn’t be racis at all because we are allll equal in gods eyes so i think it is all wrong

  • grafiti:

    lil blondie
    sorry i get dissed at my skewl everyday! i am such a nerd! i love books!and everybody bugs me cause iam a god damn blond!!!!! sniff sniff its not funny hhhhhheeeeelllllppppp

  • taz:

    little woman
    hi iam taz i get beat by my boyfriend every day! and i dont do anything about it!i am very stupid i was thinking of going on jerry springer to solve it!watch me on tv next week i hope you see me!!!!

  • nathan:

    one world one life of collective souls
    let us all join together,all of us are different,so in a way,that makes us all the same.the hard lessons of the past must be learned,or humankind will perish as fools.have faith in oneself,then can begin bulding a masterpiece of life.never hate your enemy,learn from them.greed is self destuctive,for it places ones soul into something it can never truly be a part with humans,yes we are all the building blocks of the kingdom of let us rebuild the wall of life,if our souls are one,then the wall will never break.

  • Doug Vandinan:

    Race is Real
    Race is a reality. Each race should preserve its respective genes and culture. As a white man, I’ll do whatever I can to help preserve the white race and Western Civilization. Concerned Whites should visit:

  • Rebecca:

    Racists should deal with their own insecurity
    I have no story worth telling. I just believe that racist people are insecure about themselves and take it out on those around them.

  • bob:

    asian racism is very bad
    I like cheese

  • Bob :

    I Like Cheese
    My story is very sad. I was made fun of all my life because my dad never loved me.

  • anonymous:

    Stop Racism!
    Don’t judge!!

  • suki:

    Live the Dream
    My husband & I are making a feature film that will help kids break down the walls of racism & prejudice. The whole experience has changed both of us, & we hope it will change others, as well. Wish us luck…


    i am small for my age and i get called 4 it and people do not realilise they are being racist.

  • kecs:

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  • me:

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  • kecs:

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  • kecs:

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  • Me:

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  • ally:

    people who make fun of blondes are only jealous!
    im blonde and i hate being made fun of because of it! i have the highest IQ in my class, yet everyone says i am stupid because i am blonde, my mum says they’re just jealous’ and half the time they’re the stupid ones they only label me so that people dont see how dumb they are!

  • kecs:

    dont dis blondes
    blondes hav feelings toooo!!!!

  • kecs:

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  • kecs:

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  • sam bully:

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    2 blonde girls walk into a bar u would of thought one of them would have noticed.

  • me, again:

    war 2
    peace would b great, but there will always b sum1 2 f**k it all up

  • me:

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  • kat:

    ass rape

  • kaz:

    i love coloured ppl
    coloured ppl r gr8!leave them alone!

  • kim cheri and kat:

    kim and cheri
    cheri and kim a dykes

  • kecs:

    bullys get a life befor u reck ours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kimbrewer:

    trust no one
    i see black people

  • kecs:

    yo kel
    hey kel hows ya doin!!!! keep it real

  • kecs:

    hi fe and anna
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  • Me:

    Racism towards us
    sum of u americans dis us coz we iz English. y? iz it coz we speak different? it iz a type of racism u no.

  • girls:

    if kids have to get along then y cant the adults!!!!

  • s'k:

    be happy
    people should be happy not upset.

  • kecs:

    be nice
    words hurt dont ever call ppl names that would hurt them how would u feel if it was done to u………..think !!

  • kecs:

    every one should respect each outher as they are

  • shane lewis:

    hello i am gay
    Please enter your story here…

  • Jess:

    Without love there is no peace…
    Many people seem to hate those with opinions, these opinions should only be regarded as philisophical ideas and nothing else. Words tend to twist around the human heart to create a distant idea that is far from the truth.

  • anonymous:

    Never do anyhting that would hurt if it happento u
    after the tragic sep 11th, people have been going threw a lot..I have look thew all different racism,steriotype,discrimination,tolerance web sites and found that everyone had gon threw an enormous shock of what they had to soon deal with in the future. Some poeple took thiings the hard way and channeld thier ability to not control anger over understanding.. people have died because of hatered and discrimination if they hav’nt died physicaly then there is a very big possibily of dieing mentaly.. As of sep 11th muslim people and seik people have been suffering but u got to think for once.. sit and think to what u just did.the people of media have done a great job covering up how people felt over all except for the loss of the people that where pointed at on that incident. so please think dont u feel like they already feel bad of what happened so dont make big steps and do what ur head and anger tells u… If u chanel any sort of anger about any ethnic group or person sit and talk to them maybe with all hope and possiblity ur problem will b solved and will now and to educate people who dont know how it really feels and who that person really is. So I will say agin never do anything that would hurt if it happened to u.. my best wishes to all of u..
    any questions email me

  • ruth:

    racism is an ugly word
    i am born of african parents living in the united states actually just for studies since i would to make my home in Japan.i felt unwanted in my first school and it was all because of my color! i don’t know why others takes all others as weird whenever you don’t have the same color.when i meet someone new in my dorm they ask me

  • Steph:

    Why is it that everyone believes they are better than other? Lives are lost everyday because of the narrowmindedness of individuals.

  • Waqas , Arfan, Waqaas:

    why is the usa starting war with iraq, not because of the nuclear weapons but to take it over, purely a form of islamphobia.

  • Pete:

    Hate begets hate. Love destroys it.

  • Called wog at school:

    Do unto others what you would like done to you.
    Because I had recently arrived in Australia from Germany a girl called Moira called me wog and threatened to flush my head in the toilet at school.

  • anonymous:

    i got lost

  • Jessica:

    Will It Ever End?
    When in the 4th grade and asking a fellow peer of mine why he did not pick me to be on his soccer team (knowing how good of a sports player I was), he replied with the reason,

  • !!*b*!!:

    gET a LiFE!!
    If your dumb enough to think calling people nigga. how would you feel if that was you???

  • anonymous:

    stupid people!!!
    the people that think that other people who look different are stupid means that they are stupid. ô¿ô

  • mixy):

    why do we act this way?
    why cant we all have respct for 1 another whatever are skin colour is

  • tabbbbbb:

    look and read my brick!!
    black and white both rule!!!!!!!!!

  • it:

    read me
    skin colour doesn’t matter! It’s the person inside that counts!!!

  • MIXY:

    i’ve been looking at these storys and im ashamed of some of the british i dont understand why people think colour of skin makes us all different!!!!!when its not!!!!

  • bill & ben the flower pot men.:

    family and friends
    family and friends are black but it dont matter if they are family or friends you should respect them anyway

  • Me:

    Racism is creul and stupid
    racism is stupid

  • Me:

    Racism is creul and stupid
    racism is stupid

  • Tigger:

    stop rascism
    I fink rascism should stop and any1 who is rasist should be educated and have respect for other peoples feelings!!!

  • lillysavage:

    i was killed by an african

  • bean:

    please stop rascism
    i am white but i have a mate who is black and gets called names like nigger and paki. PLEASE STOP RACISM

  • brit:

    racism sucks
    live in a town of no other race so there is alot of racism and it is hard to get away from it i think it really sucks

  • hi its me again, u no me!:

    rasism is bad
    anyone who is rasist should not be here, there is nothing wrong with people from a nother country or with a different skin colour to urself!!

  • me, u no:

    hello everyone
    my story is that no matter wat u look like, no’one should be able to take advantage of someone because of there skin colour, or where they came from!

  • me, u no who it is:

    hay sam
    hello sam, its good fun in ere but i dont think it is right to take the mik out of someone that has a different skin colour, do u?

  • Sam:

    everybody has feelings
    everyone is the same, it makes no difference what colour your skin is, what makes you different is your personality not your colour of skin

  • me:

    Theres no point
    There is no point in making fun of people because of the colour of ur skin, its not right!!!

  • anonymous:

    Hello amy?
    hello amy and hayley

  • sam:

    why bother?
    I dont see the point in racism, wether your black or white everybody is the same inside so why does the colour of your skin make a difference?

  • Please enter 6he4saawyour name (or anonymous):

    Please nnnnnnnnnenter the brick label
    Please enter your story here…yuhucky steed

  • chelsea maybe not:

    chelsea’s truth
    i may not be who u think i am…. i am a man!

  • amy hicks:

    Please enter your story here…no i dont wanna

  • Julie Laite:

    Fight racism with knowledge
    Studying the history of racism in order to understand it and stop it.



  • grebo:

    pardon my swearing but

  • Jackie Bloom:

    I don’t have a story but hey anyways!!

  • anonymous:

    conker it
    I have no story

  • anonymous:

    stand above it
    I have no story

  • Pete:

    It dont matter if you’re black or white!
    When will people realize that the races and cultures of our nation only strengthen our society. There is no difference between a white man, black man, an Asian man. They’re all men.

  • Jesy Jean (17):

    racism is …
    i have a racist father and i can not stand to be around him public… he has to make rude and unnessasary comments to colored people and asians.
    personally i could care less what you look like, as long as you are kind to
    me i will be kind to you. the next time you hear someone say a racial thing…
    tell them i offends you and you’d apperciate it if they kept it to themselves!!!

  • anonymous:

    Bull Plop
    Bull Plop, it’s all Bull Plop

  • gunny0119 :

    one race…..human
    The United States should have only one race human..lets stop the petty hate!

  • Jordan:

    WE are all children of god, and we should all love , respect, and accept eachother for who we are not what our appearance might make us seem. I have friends who discriminate a little against blacks. I can’t stand it when they refer to them as the N word. I hate it I always tell her to stop that that word is very harsh and cruel.It seems to offend me sometimes when they use it. She is nice to blacks but she seems sometimes to say that they always cause trouble and I always say to her

  • Chris:

    UNITY as one stand together
    No more racial hatred

  • m:

    after the singularity
    This is not about idiots spreading racism in cyberspace. This is about after the singularity, when civilization becomes software and consciousness becomes software, and all flows as one eternally, will there be racism among the huge firewall differentiated oceans of cyberthought?

  • anonymous:

    racism is…
    racism rox! i love racism! its cool!

  • anonomyous:

    Rasicm needs to come to a stop NOW!!!
    all this racism needs to come to a STOP. when is every body going to realize that we are on here together and theirs nothing we can do about it, so JUST DEAL WITH IT! god put us all this earth today now lets all get along. everyone that is racists YOU GUYS ARE TRUELY DUMB!!! SO SSSSTTTOOOOOPPPPP!!!

  • Autum:

    Cut it out already
    We all know that the whole slave idea was rediculous from the start. That ended quite a few years ago so why does the hate still exist in later generations? There is no need to discriminate anyone because of cultural differences. If we could all have our own ideas and make a fresh start we could all be a lot happier. Just something to think about.

  • anonymous:

    Stop It
    Just stop the racism.There is no need for it.

  • La Muñeca:

    Coping with Racism
    Being that I’m a minority, racism has always lurked around every corner I passed, but what is disappointing is knowing your family is racist. I date a guy who happens to be black, he does not fit any of the stereotypes people have given him, he has become very successful. Although, our love is strong, differences in our color of skin is often disregarded with anger by those around us.

  • Dwayne:

    Caucazoid fear
    Please enter your story here…Communities are the sole responsibility of the human race it is a phenomenon that is localized to our species, science is slowly showing that it may be the only true seperation we have from the animal kingdom… Caucasian communities will always be diametrically opposed to ones with origins in the original Black humans. Why? because, they deal from fear not from strength and confidence and acceptence of their own shortcommings..

  • jojo:

    eliminate racism
    i think racism is not good at all because it makes us hating people that we can have agood relationship with. it makes us doing things by instinct. people need to collaborate to each other. whatever the color of our skin, no matter where we come from, we need to be friendly. racism separates us, makes us in conflict with others. we are the same in front of God.

  • Diversity:

    You hate me and I don’t even care
    People are different, I am not you and you are not me. I see this and you see that. There are more of people like me than people like you, so you unfortunately need to conform or miss out on your opportunity to live. Enjoy what you have, otherwise you spend your life trying to change society, and never enjoying all the good that society offers. Diversity is key, Sameness breeds communism, and this isn’t Cuba.

  • Lost in a sea of revenge:

    I didnt mean too
    I never meant for it to happen like this. I woke up one morning w/ a black guy standing over me w/ a gun pointed at my head and another at my family. At that moment i hated black people. People wonder why im so fucked up cold itz be cuz of them niggarz say racist dont wonder wtf people think

  • Steve:

    Racism comes in all shapes and sizes. All my life I have worked with special needs people. In my time, i’ve seen much racism put towards special needs. Either in the workplace, at school and in society as a hole. This to me, I consider racism

  • nicole:

    dont pre-judge by face alone

  • SANDY:

    It is very simple really – whether it comes to racism or every other situation you are faced with there is only one rule … TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED! 🙂

  • M:

    Where to start…
    Start with yourself. Be kind. Be tolerant. Respect differences, don’t fear them. Learn from and about others. Eliminate jealousy. Reject stereotypes. Become selfless. Be vigilant against the subtle forms of racism in and around you. Don’t rest until you eliminate them. Then, teach your children to do the same.

  • AJ:

    we’re all the same
    i think we’re all the same

  • image maker:

    read me

  • mark:

    bin laden the coward
    i think bin laden should be hunted out and killed. have their guts for garters!!!!!

  • MATT:


  • kieran:

    racism is completely wrong!it should stop

  • jack):

    racism is a poor form of justice. i totally disagree and i think it stinks!

  • MATT):

    HI I

  • Dan:

    This website is amazing. From now on, when asked my race, I’ll check off (or write in)

  • annynomous:

    Stop Racism
    Lets make this short and to the point….I went out with a black guy and my mom and dad freaked out and I had to change schools and i am no longer allowed to talk to them! But I can’t help it!

  • anonymous:

    Hypocrisy and the word
    If whites use the word, it means they’re racist. If blacks use it, does it mean
    they hate themselves? Hardly.

    It’s not a nice word regardless of who
    uses it. It is a word for someone you
    want to avoid. It’s an insult.

    It’s not PC for whites to use this word,
    but ok for blacks? Gratuitous use of the
    word by whites or blacks is unacceptable
    and renders them fit for ruthless

  • Human:

    Hey, fuckin Singaaaa

  • johny reb:

    rebel flag
    racism will never be dfeated only made worse, the war will rage on.long live the rebel flag.



  • Ken Altadonna:

    Great Adventure
    I was standing with my sister at Great Adventure in New Jersey. We were waiting outside the park eating ice cream when I was approached by 4 African American men. They began to harass my sister and I. We told them to leave us alone when they began to push me into each other finalizing with me being punched in the face by one of them. Luckily there were people around to stop them from continuing to hit me. It’s unfortunate for anyone to be so upset with someone because they are different then they might be.

  • joseph druet:

    read me
    blacks arent good enough to drink my fuckin piss

  • anonymous:

    The JDO hates black people,but they claim to love all Jewish people. There are black Jewish believers

  • Hitler:

    Racism Rulez all u nigger shit
    i hate blackz

  • nat:

    stop racism
    People shouldn’t be DICRIMINATED just because of race, religion, or gender. People are people regardless of these things,we’re not an item that can be sold or treated with an inhumane abusiveness. WE ARE ONE AS A WHOLE AND NONE THE DIFFERENT!

  • Gregory von schleimengruber:

    The human race
    The human race would be better off if all the jews were placed in large gas chambers. There they would be exposed to a lovely and innovative substance i call Xenon5 gas. Hopefully this will resolve all the world problems now that those big-nosed bankers are rotting away.

  • Mickey:

    Democratic Racism
    It seems to me that the Democratic Party in this country is the party of Racism. Who else (that has the power to say) says:

  • Johnny 5:

    Ending Racism Without God
    What we really need to do is focus on the fact that no one is better than anyone, and that god (and other fallacies) has nothing to do with it. Human beings are special, and we are interdependent and interconnected. There is no need to invlove a god on this level, although it can be a part of it as long as it is not used as an excuse/reason.

  • Johnny 5:

    Ending Racism Through Abolition Of Labels
    As long as we continue to use ridiculous terms such as

  • anonymous:

    Two places where race doesn’t matter
    There are two places in the world where race doesn’t matter. The first one is when we are born and are in the nursery. We don’t know who is next to us. The second place is the grave yard. We don’t have a chose then who are neighbors are.

  • Scarlett:

    Racism is a Deadly Weapon
    I have heard and read of the horror of Racism of the past and I don’t what to live through that . And I’m sure no one wants to either . So we have to make sure that we make our generation better then theirs.

  • anonymous:

    White’s Rule
    why do you think the anglo’s rule the world? Blacks can claim that they started civilization all they want, but apparently the anglo’s were better at it, look at Africa now. Losers!!

  • Jarmaug:

    Racism by any other name…
    Racism, by any other name is still racism. Any government policy that takes race into consideration is a racist policy. The litmus test for which all ‘affirmative action’ type policies or laws should be that if the wording of such policies cannot be justly implemented for all races, then it is nothing more than government funded racism (ie: affirmative action).

  • Sue:

    Teach Your Children Well
    Myson broke up with his girlfriend because she made some racist comments. I was never so proud of him! But… what of her? From whom did she learn to hate???I think diversity needs to be part of the schools’ teachings. They can start out by showing

  • Mark:

    Let’s Stop The Hate
    Well, first i want to say, don’t hate, hate starts wars. Also, i dont like to use the word hate, because, it’s so strong. Another form of racism that alot of people have to tolorate, is being called gay. That word is being overused, and people don’t understand the effects it has on other people. Let us all stop hating and end racism one person at a time. E-mail me if you would like a person to talk to.

  • Tori Wilmington:

    Prejudism In The Famiky
    In my house…..racism is a thing I hear everyday. My parents Hate the fact that I like a black boy…….since I am white. I really dont get it!!! Why do we judge by the skin?? The boy I likeis so nice………and if only my parents saw the true him!!!! I cry every night thinking about it. GOD didn’t make people different colors so we can make fun of them….but so we can be friends with them.

  • Anonymous:

    I attended a HBCU in Normal, Alabama. I had some clothes cleaned at the nearest cleaners. When I returned to pick them up the lady said she accepted checks, but not from you people at A&M.

  • anonymous:

    Kill, Kill, Kill, The White Man. Kill The White Man, Till He is Be Dead.
    Kill Kill Kill, The White Man.
    Thank You.

  • White man:

    The Superior Anglo Saxon Race
    The anglo saxon race is superior because we have the best technology and all the other races got it from us. Not to mention we brake the least laws and have the highest household income.

  • anonymous:

    Racism Sucks
    At the school I attend their is a group of Vietnamese that think they are the superior race and will one day rule the world. Their grades are poor. I guess stupid ideas of ethnicity come from stupid people

  • el arrecho:

    One of the greatest problems in erradicating racism in many nations of the world, especially in the United States is the harmful reality of labeling according to

  • Shawn:

    Thats all racism is..pure evil.

  • Sheila:

    De Colores
    Like the colors of a rainbow, diversity makes the world a MORE beautiful place! No one, not even racists, can deny the beauty of a rainbow! Be it skin color, religion, male, femae, true nationality … whatever — what TRULY counts is a person’s soul & their insides! If we were all the same color, race &/or religion the world would be dull and life less worth living! I happen to be a white female. Hatred is NOT a gene, it’s something that can only be taught by ignorant, bigoted, prejudice racists.

  • anonymous:

    We’re all the same
    It says in the Bible that God created Man, and that we are all made in his image, so therefore, we are all a part of God, and all really the same inside. A reflection of his love.

  • Nicole:

    I refuse to discriminate
    When I was a child there was only one African American person at my elementary school. I used to make fun of her because she was different. I wish that my parents had taught me at a young age about racism so that I woudl have learned young that all people are equal. I now have friends of all races: Indian, Chinese, African-American, Hispanic… I love all my friends the same.

  • Sick of Racism:

    Waste of Energy
    I’ve lived in almost 30 cities in almost 30yrs, have seen racism, been the target of racism, and listened to people talk of racism. Why is it that different peoples and cultures cannot come together and accept each others differences and learn from each other rather than wasting the energy on hate?

  • Anne Ahn O'Moss:

    An incident between myself and a co-worker illustrates how a simple workplace discussion forever changed my perception of the world. It was
    one of those everyday things that didn’t seem terribly earth shaking on
    the day it happened. Its profound impact on me, and the life-long lesson
    I learned from it, is now clear when viewed through the cloudy lens of
    an over 20 year-old memory.

    This simple story is my attempt to relate that lesson to others and pay
    a small tribute to the man who opened my eyes to a fundamental truth.
    I’m sorry to admit that I am no longer sure I correctly remember his
    name. For the purpose of telling this story I call him Roger.

    I worked in a small machine shop in 1977. The group I hung around
    with there included an aspiring writer (not me), the father of Cheap
    Trick’s lead singer, and an African-American named Roger. I recall
    enjoying their company very much. All of us got along quite well and
    we’d get together during our breaks and talk.

    One day, during our early coffee break, I started talking about an
    amusing story from the previous day’s newspaper. I cannot recall the
    details anymore, but some teenagers were messing around on the
    railroad tracks not far from work. I began by saying,

  • Jamal:

    White Lids poop on me
    At my school in GA the white kids like to hold me down and poop on me. They rub it all over me and laugh. They say

  • Morris Deez:

    Southern Poverty Law Center
    The civil rights business is quite profitable. I have the highest salary of any

  • anonumous:

    Racist parents vs. unracist child
    My parents won’t let me have a black friend over or date a black but i have no problem with it. i don’t understand why they have to be that way.

  • anonymous:


  • David Duke:

    I hate Beaners
    I hate Beaners! For story, see I hate niggers brick.

  • David Duke:

    I hate Niggers
    What’s the story? I hate niggers!

  • Chris Badeker:

    As one stand together
    Hmm…i dont really know what to type along the lines of a story.I guess i just dislike racism in general.I deal with racial terms and discriminations everyday,mostly at school.I just dont see how so many people can have such a strong dislike for people theyve never met.Sure i dislike some people with darker skin than mine, but thats only because they were jerks to me, i dislike just as many people with lighter skin.If youre nice to me im nice to you, is that too hard to go by?

  • kristen:

    i grew up outside of detroit. both of my parents grew up in south texas, and were extremely racist. i never thought much about it, i had friends of all races, but i never had any friends but white ones met my family. when i moved to guam, i was the minority, and my views changed dramatically, after i was the one being discriminated against, i rebeled on people like my parents who only judged people by race. i am not on good terms with my family, but i would like to think that i had opened their eyes a little.

  • frank:

    people are not equal. they don’t treat me equal because i do not have a social security number. i do not have rights in certain places because i was not born there. it is sad. because we are all the same.

  • (or anonymous):

    what’s the big diff
    I bealeve that it is about time that people realize that the way you look or your skin color has NOTHING to do with how you act you are who you are and no one should be able to change that

  • DL:

    One white kid in a Black School
    As a child growing up in South Atlanta, I was the only white student in my class. Because I was white, I was seen as different in their eyes. I was also made a target. Because of these early experiences I am still wary of blacks today. Lets all remember that racism is not a white only disease.

  • laron crudup:

    i do not like white people that hate on me

  • Anonymous:

    When I walk in an upscale store, I can tell that people think I don’t belong there because my skin is brown. They make me feel like I have to prove I can afford to buy something there. After years of this, it gets mentally exhausting to always be judged by your skin.

  • Martine:

    One of my closest relatives was a cousin who graduated from Harvard Law School and, as an undergrad, was active in the Berkeley Free Speech Movement. I admired him. Later, he settled down to become a mainstream lawyer and married and had two kids. When I came out as transgendered he sent word that I was persona-non-grata at his home because a shrink had advised him that a transgendered person could be mentally disruptive to his kids. I was no longer invited to his events, although he continued to send gifts (but not come) to my events. I wonder what is harmful about a peaceful person who simply refuses to reinforce, or be constrained by, traditional gender roles? It seems to me that it is those rigid roles, not the transgressors of them, that cause harm.

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