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I think this Carterishness about Israel being apartheid is pure balderdash. Hello! There are countless thousands of Palestinian citizens of Israel, there are Palestinian MKs, there are Palestinian professionals with Israeli clients inside Israel, etc.

The problem is simple: The UN screwed up when it created two separate states, Israel and Palestine, out of one demographic entity, the West Bank to Med Sea zone. That problem was compounded with the similarly silly Bushist “Roadmap to Two States.” Israel and Palestine will never be happy as two independent states.

Neither will they be happy as one integral state, not for a great many decades, as even wrong policies create realities in people’s heads. Each group wants, what we’d call in the US, its own “state’s rights.”

You think there’s no solution then, if it can’t be two states and it can’t be one state? WRONG! There is a solution: Two Stars for Peace. Read about it at