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Olaudah Equino..An interesting life memoir

“Freedom is best understood less then as a one great leap towards liberty but as an ongoing process of development”. On this MLK day we have the opportunity to listen stories of past civil rights struggles and the characters of history who played roles in fighting for the “prize” of liberty and justice for all Americans. Every MLK day I try to learn something new that may help me “show up” for the good fight. I think knowing history, as told by those who lived it, without the historian as interpreter, is an important way to access the story of what happened and clues for continuing.

Today I am choosing to read : The interesting narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equino” an 18th century memoir, where Olaudah recounts his “life story of beginning with being kidnapped (West Africa) sold into slavery and then becomeing a leading British ant-slavery advocate’. Life stories are treasures for the future where their lessons can teach us about how to deal with current challenges to Freedom by re-membering the path taken by those who came before us. Thank-you Martin Luther King for your story of flawed courage at a time when people looked to you for a path forward through difficult obstacles to freedom in a journey that continues to this day. Thank-you Olaudah Equino for sharing your incredible journey as well.

“The time is always right…..”

During this MLK Holiday weekend, let’s learn more about Dr. King’s commitment to non-violence.

Black Lives Matter.



Is America still unrivaled….?

Fredick Douglas gave his 4th of July speech in Roceshter, New York


Ten years before the Civil War, the city of Rochester, NY asked Frederick Douglass to speak for its July 4, 1852 celebration. Douglass accepted, but rather than join in the ‘celebration,’ Douglass took it in an unexpected direction. In this clip, Danny Glover performs part of that speech (hat tip to the Zinn Education Project and

Thinking about the future, we should be ever vigilant (esp on 4th of July) about America’s history of being slow to accept the rights of  all people because of some “difference”. Race,Ethnicity,Disability, and Sexual Orientation to name a few. How will people who choose to continue their consciousness with technology be recieved e.g. Transbeman’s?

Let’s listen carefully to what Fredrick Douglas said in his 4th of July address  and see what relevance it has for today.